Welcome to the Customers Solutions for Sight Bulb™
Congratulations on purchasing your Sight Bulb™.

Finally, there's an easy way to get a security camera and keep your home safe! It's perfect for anyone who wants the peace of mind that comes with knowing they're always protected. Just screw it into any light socket, and you're good to go. There are no wires or drilling needed!

But with most types of technology, you may need some support to get started and make the most of all the features included with your Sight Bulb™.

In the Customer Solutions Center for Sight Bulb™, you will find tutorial videos and FAQs. As well as a link to order more Sight Bulbs or memory cards.

Features & Benefits

  • No Batteries Required, Camera Powered by Your Bulb Outlet
  • Twist into Light Socket Similar to Any Light Bulb
  • Easily Connects to Your Home WiFi
  • iOS Verified and Android Compatible
  • Motion Tracking That Works Flawlessly
  • Infrared Night Vision Technology
  • 360° Omni-Directional 1080p HD video
  • 2-Way Talk Microphone, Talk and Listen at the Same Time

Why 2.4GHz and not 5G?

While a 5G network gives you higher speed at a short range, it is pretty inefficient and unstable at ranges greater than 15ft. We chose to keep our camera operating at a 2.4GHz as the quality and speed of the camera remains excellent while providing a more stable and longer range of operation giving YOU the freedom of locating your camera further away from your WiFi sources!
Tutorial Video Support
Sight Bulb™ has a number of tutorial videos that can help you get the most out of your new Sight Bulb™. These videos cover topics such as how to install your Sight Bulb™, how to install the app, how to choose the right advanced feature for your needs, and how to troubleshoot common problems with your Sight Bulb™.
Frequently Asked Questions
Need to quickly answer a question about your Sight Bulb™? Visit our FAQ section to help you get the most out of your experience with Sight Bulb™. Here you can find answers to common questions you may have on how to use the app and your Sight Bulb™.